Monthly Archives: October 2009

new mexico fight coverage

Sending a packed house home early and putting to bed their opponents with knockout wins, last night at Sky City Casino in Acoma, N.M., Vincent “Li’l Man” Mirabal and Carlos “El Gallo” Sanchez elevated their fighting stock while plummeting their respective challengers to the canvas >more>


a future world champ for el paso?

Antonio Escalante, the border’s biggest hope for a world champion, is playing the waiting game  . . . more


juarez fight coverage

Waging a classic war in war-torn Juarez, Mexico, last night at the Gimnasio Muncipal, downtown, Javier “Zorro” Castro and Edgar Barcenas heralded a return to boxing in the bloody bordertown now known as the murder capital of the world . . . More

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