Month: January 2011

31 Jan

swimming upstream

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For someone who will be fighting rust, a hostile hometown, uncooperative promoters, a lunatic sanctioning body, elevation and nearly a year-and-a-half of delays, Feb. 5 in Guadalajara, Mexico, Austin “No Doubt” Trout shows remarkable composure going into his first world title fight.

His opponent, WBA Light Middleweight Champion Rigoberto “Espanol” Alvarez, brother to acclaimed prodigy Saul “El Canelo,” just may be the least of his concerns, and when he finally steps into the ring to hear the first round bell, it may be with a sigh of relief . . . |more|

26 Jan

boxing’s mob squad

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Book Review of Jacobs Beach: The Mob, the Fights, the Fifties: Long before the networks put a rear naked choke on boxing; before there were 1,001 champs fighting for 1,001 titles under 1,001 sanctioning bodies, there was New York, Madison Square Garden, one major promoter and a handful of hoods who controlled the game.

Golden era? You bet. Was the fix in? Oftentimes, yeah . . . |more|

21 Jan

abie han on the rise

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There’s a thin line between humility and exaggeration. Five minutes talking with undefeated Abraham “Abie” Han, you’ll be asking yourself whether it’s better to believe this kid is the best thing to come out of El Paso since Chico’s Tacos, or if it’s better to second guess yourself that what you saw in the ring was an illusion of talent and raw power . . . Click here for more

10 Jan

montiel-donaire promises fireworks

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With all the mention of “fireworks,” you would’ve thought today’s presser at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was announcing an upcoming fight set for the 4th of July. Both fighters, their respective trainers and the promoter all used the word, and used it freely . . . |more|