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16 Mar

book signing april 2 in ABQ

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A book signing is planned for the newly-released “The First Black Boxing Champions – Essays on Fighters of the 1800s to the 1920s,” on Saturday, April 2, in Albuquerque. Along with a book signing, a lecture, historic film, photos and archives will be made available by editor Colleen Aycock and Chris Cozzone, who has a New Mexico-related essay in the book.

Location: Albuquerque Public Library, Lomas & Tramway Branch, Eastridge St. (the library sits on the SW corner of Tramway and Lomas, but has an Eastridge address.)

Date & time: April 2, 1:00 p.m.

The book is also available at Amazon: Click here

16 Mar

oh for krissake

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Alright, so it isn’t boxing and it isn’t MMA and it sure ain’t the usual stuff I photograph, from junkies to gangbangers to weddings . . . At a recent shoot for a historic hotel in Albuquerque, looks like Jesus decided to make an appearance in one of my shots. I was hoping to get an accidental shot of one of the ghosts the hotel is famous for. Instead I get the infamous holy ghost invading my digital realm. Call it what you will. And no, I won’t start tweeting or posting endless Bible quotes from here on out . . .

09 Feb

new mexico boxing history gets longer

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Newly-crowned WBA 154-pound champ Austin Trout is making Chris Cozzone’s life harder. Cozzone, hard at work on a book on the history of boxing in New Mexico, will now have to elongate the massive project for Trout recently became the fourth New Mexican (male) to win a world title – the first three being Bobby Foster, Johnny Tapia and Danny Romero. Stay tuned for more information on the project.

26 Jan

boxing’s mob squad

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Book Review of Jacobs Beach: The Mob, the Fights, the Fifties: Long before the networks put a rear naked choke on boxing; before there were 1,001 champs fighting for 1,001 titles under 1,001 sanctioning bodies, there was New York, Madison Square Garden, one major promoter and a handful of hoods who controlled the game.

Golden era? You bet. Was the fix in? Oftentimes, yeah . . . |more|

16 Jun

“The First Black Boxing Champions” in production

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The First Black Boxing Champions: Essays on Fighters of the 1800s to the 1920s has gone into production and will be available this Fall/Winter by McFarland Press.  The book, edited by Colleen Aycock & Mark Scott,  presents 15 detailed biographies of some of the first African American and black champions and challengers of the early prize ring. Boxers covered range from Tom Molineaux, a slave who won freedom and fame in the ring in the early 1800s; to Joe Gans, the first African American world champion; to the flamboyant Jack Johnson, deemed such a threat to white society that film of his defeat of former champion and “Great White Hope” Jim Jeffries was banned across much of the country.

The book also features a lengthy piece by writer/photographer Chris Cozzone, who spotlights black fighters from WWI and the early ’20s in southern New Mexico and El Paso, namely Thomas “Speedball” Hayden, who rose to stardom fighting out of Columbus, N.M.

Check out more info on Amazon.

25 May

cozzone @ BWAA x 2 & L.A. Times

Two Fightnews photographers made the line-up at this year’s Boxing Writers Association of America photo “Barney’s.” Ed Mulholland placed third in the feature category for a photo of Lucian Bute leaping in celebration while Chris Cozzone won an honorable mention for a shot of Manny Pacquiao. Cozzone also won an honorable mention in writing.

. . . .

Cozzone and his company, WriteShot, were also featured in today’s L.A. Times blog for his non-boxing work.

Click here to check out

04 May

photojournalist cozzone on mayweather-mosley

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Las Vegas Boxing Examiner, by Chris Robinson: During the hectic nature of any big fight week in boxing the professionals involved in the sport have no choice but to keep pace. Whether you are a fighter, trainer, media member or anything in between there are many obligations and requirements that must be fulfilled and it can be a tiring process for all parties involved . . . |more|

10 Jun

under construction

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After four years of “This site is under construction,” a few more days, even a week or so, won’t really matter. Also, be aware, that Fatcow, our server company, is having awful technical problems with sites using databases, such as this one. They promise to rectify the situation by the end of the week.