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30 Nov

Featured in The Alibi: The True Lens of the Camera

“There are photographers who like to take pictures of pretty mountains,” Chris Cozzone said, settling his muscular frame into the wire chair outside of Michael Thomas Coffee. “I don’t.” Cozzone’s career trajectory tends to make that clear. Born and raised in Chicago before relocating to Albuquerque for undergraduate school at UNM, followed by tenures in New York City and Las Vegas, Cozzone has done everything from the odd wedding to being professional boxing’s preeminent photographer for 14 years . . . Click for more in the Alibi

14 Apr

Coverage: Pacquiao vs. Bradley

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Ringside report: You could make a case that the third man in the ring with Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, was referee Kenny Bayless. It was obvious, I mean, he was right there, the man in blue, doing such a good job you hardlynoticed he was there.

But you could also make the case that Juan Manual Marquez, recently defeated by one, after having knocked out cold, the other, was also present.

Standing tall and unseen would be a fifth shadow, that of Floyd Mayweather, untoppled from his hill and less-than-gently reminding the 15,601 in attendance – not to mention the promoter – just whose house they were brawling in, whose city, and whose sport . . . More

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Post-fight:  You can’t go to a Manny Pacquiao post-fight press conference and not ask what it’s going to take the Powers That Be to put together the only fight that matters in this day and age – Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, for those who may have forgotten . . . More

31 May

johnny tapia: requiem for a hometown champion

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“Albuquerque, I’m still your hometown champion . . . .”

Those were the words Johnny Tapia never failed to yell into the camera, in between the rounds of his countless TV fights.

That and “I love you, Grandma, Grampa.”

Those two sentences said more about the man than his 162 amateur bouts (150-12), two National Golden Gloves titles, 66 pro fights (59-5-2, 30 KOs), 473 rounds, innumerable minor belts and no less than five bonafide world championships during a career dating back to 1981 . . . |more|

17 Jun

nino heads into the storm

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Hang out long enough in El Paso and you’re going to find two different camps, both with valid arguments, among local boxing fans. One camp will swear that David “El Nino” Rodriguez is the next great American heavyweight. The other? Call ‘em haters, call ‘em critics, but these guys will fill your ear with talk of built-up records, tomato can opponents and being overrated . . . |more|

09 Mar

‘big’ trouble or little china?

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“Tye Fields is going to be the next heavyweight champion of the world.”

That was Bob Arum three years ago. Yesterday, we heard it again, only this time it was from Sterling McPherson and Ron Johnson, promoters of Friday night’s card at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas . . .  |more|

20 Feb

postfight coverage from vegas

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The heir appears Donaire: The punch that knocked out Vic Darchinyan in 2007, launching Nonito Donaire into stardom might’ve been “pretty sweet,” according to the “Filipino Flash.” But the shot that leveled Mexican legend Fernando Montiel, last night at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, crowning Donaire king of bantamweights and launching the Filipino on the path to super-stardom? “Now that punch,” says Donaire, “had to be the No. 1 punch of my career.” . . . |more|

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Arum: ‘Take the Philly Challenge!’ : “Fight real fighters – not busboys!” Not quite as vicious as Nonito Donaire’s kayo punch of Fernando Montiel, but certainly as relentless as Jesus Soto-Karass was against Mike Jones last night was Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, who let loose with a volley of barbs on Golden Boy, Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto . . . |more|

11 Feb

big fish

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Austin Trout expands pond rule with world title

Austin “No Doubt” Trout has proclaimed a new era for New Mexico: “The Age of ‘Doubt.’”

Last week, Trout was a big fish in a small pond – at the top of the heap of local hopefuls. But after Feb. 5, after defeating Rigoberto “Espanol” Alvarez for the WBA’s version of the regular 154-pound title (not to be confused with their “super” brand), Trout has become one of boxing’s big fish with big names in his sights . . . |more|

31 Jan

swimming upstream

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For someone who will be fighting rust, a hostile hometown, uncooperative promoters, a lunatic sanctioning body, elevation and nearly a year-and-a-half of delays, Feb. 5 in Guadalajara, Mexico, Austin “No Doubt” Trout shows remarkable composure going into his first world title fight.

His opponent, WBA Light Middleweight Champion Rigoberto “Espanol” Alvarez, brother to acclaimed prodigy Saul “El Canelo,” just may be the least of his concerns, and when he finally steps into the ring to hear the first round bell, it may be with a sigh of relief . . . |more|

21 Jan

abie han on the rise

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There’s a thin line between humility and exaggeration. Five minutes talking with undefeated Abraham “Abie” Han, you’ll be asking yourself whether it’s better to believe this kid is the best thing to come out of El Paso since Chico’s Tacos, or if it’s better to second guess yourself that what you saw in the ring was an illusion of talent and raw power . . . Click here for more

01 Aug

marquez wants pacquiao

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“When he’s ready to knock on my door, I’m right here,” says lineal lightweight champion Juan Manual Marquez, of pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao.

“There’s no hiding. No running. I’m waiting for him.”

Last night, in front of 8,300 people at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Marquez (51-5-1, 37 KOs) defeated Juan Diaz (35-4, 17 KOs) for the second time, to secure his reign as lightweight king . . . |more|

23 May

an end and a beginning

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May 22, 2010, Staples Center @ Los Angeles: One of boxing’s greatest rivalries ended, when Rafael Marquez evened the score at 2-2 with Israel Vazquez, stopping him in round three. The fight was disappointing – short-lived and dominated by Marquez – who had little problem slicing open Vazquez’s heaping mass of scar tissue over his eyes. While the fourth – and final, for the promoters and networks expressed no interest in a fifth bout, thank God – lacked the back-and-forth brutality of the first three bouts, last night’s co-main event more than made up for it.

While one rivalry ended, another began . . . . undefeateds Abner Mares and IBF bantam champ Yonnhy Perez left it all in the ring, resulting in a majority draw decision that demands a rematch.

06 May

“mad” coverage in N.M.

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Alderete “Mad” dog, not underdog: “Mad” Mike Alderete says you can forget about “Mad” Max Heyman’s 25-fight and seven-year advantage in experience Friday night . . . |more|

Max is “Mad” as hell: Fighting a guy like “Mad” Mike Alderete, says “Mad” Max Heyman, equates to taking a tune-up. At least, that was until the mad-dogging and smack talk elevated – or lowered – the bout into one of the nastiest grudge matches Albuquerque has seen in years . . . |more|