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25 Apr

‘money’ and cents show at the mayweather gym

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Does “Money” make “Cents” or does “Cents” make “Money?”

Floyd “Money” Mayweather may be slipping. Not only does he show up but an hour late, instead of the usual hour-and-a-half, but the usual 100+ degrees of stifling, unbearable heat in his gym was only at double digits during Tuesday’s media circus. Halfway into the usual routine of blazing mitt work,bag work and occasional chorus of “Hard work! Dedication!” most of us started wondering who Fifty Cents was fighting on the May 5 mega-card in Vegas. At yesterday’s workout, 50c was milking the media while hedging the sweating boxing press for anyone willing to drop a buck on Miguel Cotto against his boy, Floyd. There were no takers.

05 Oct

bare bones workouts at bones adams

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With only two of four fighters willing to oblige the media, at today’s (so-called) media workouts held at Bones Adams’ Gym in Las Vegas, Sharif “The Lion” Bogere, Francisco Contreras, Francisco Santana and Jermell Charlo minimized their efforts while a handful of desperate photogs snapped off a few shots. Bogere and Santana added a few rounds of mitt work to shadow-boxing while Contreras and Charlo were out the door of the converted garage, barely having broken a sweat. The results in images . . . . |more|


20 Jul

khan, judah limber up at mandalay

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Public workouts are usually crap, meaning, don’t expect to really see your favorite fighter do much more than shadowbox, maybe hit the mitts. Today’s event at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was no exception. Zab “Super” Judah was super-late, but at least he gave the fans several rounds of mitt work, while living legend Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker watched on. Khan spent most of the time talking to the media, answering what was probably the same handful of questions, over and over, while Judah did his thing in the ring. The highlight was Judah crouching down behind Khan for a split second – and one this photog (and every other one) failed to capture. Best I could do was try to get the two to share a frame (see above). After his interviews, Khan did a brief limbering up in the ring, giving nothing away, while Zab’s pop watched on. For more photos . . . |more|

23 Feb

acosta, rios work out in vegas

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Alright, so when a promoter calls the media in to watch a “workout,” it doesn’t mean a fighter is actually going to work out. In fact, you’ll be lucky to get someone shadowbox a round. And that’s exactly what Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios did today. In his schoolboy sweater, he obliged the press to shadowbox a measly round, then spent the remaining time, goofing off.

That is, until Miguel Acosta showed up. Once someone made the suggestion to pose the two together, Rios was splitsville.

Acosta, on the hand, cranked up the South American beats and shadowboxed half a dozen rounds, giving the media at least a clue on how his movement is going to mystify Rios on Saturday.

Undercard fighters Mike Lee and Jesse Magdaleno also gave the media plenty of photo ops. Lee shadowboxed and Magdaleno was the only fighter of the day who dared hit the mitts.

The bonus of the day was newly-crowned bantam king Nonito Donaire, who showed up to goof off with stablemate Rios, and talk about his knockout of Fernando Montiel last weekend on the Top Rank bill at Mandalay Bay. “I still don’t know he was able to get up,” Donaire said of Montiel.


16 Feb

jones pumped & ready

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Looking more like a light-heavyweight than a welterweight, Mike Jones worked gave the media a workout today at the Top Rank Gym in Las Vegas. Pumped and psyched for Saturday, Jones says he is ready for his rematch with Jesus Soto-Karass.