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13 Aug

strikeforce at the palms

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Sometimes the most boring fights on the planet can produce decent shots. Shouldn’t be that way. Crap fights should translate to crap photos. But at last night’s Strikeforce Challengers show at the Palms in Las Vegas, which had one mediocre fight (the main event), one controversial stoppage in 25 seconds (Ronda Rousey won by submission … again) and six snoozers, the shots were better than the action. Stay tuned for more at later this morning.

25 May

jackson on the rampage

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How can you not like a guy like “Rampage” Jackson? Not only did the guy hype his main event UFC 130 fight by putting up the proverbial bunny ears behind opponent Matt Hamill, but he told the press that he plans on retiring – maybe – at age 35 to take up finger painting. Rampage also admitted he was lazy; that he misses his abs because he’s been unable to stay in shape between fights and that he hopes to open up a gym down the street from his house to ensure he doesn’t miss workouts – one that he’ll drive to.