Shooting weddings

Shooting weddings

Here’s where i convince you that i’m the one you want to hire. 

I’m not for everyone. That’s for sure. 

I shoot weddings. I also shoot gangbangers, criminals, drug addicts, boxers and prostitutes. There is beauty in all of it. 

If we’re fortunate enough to work together, I will do two things for you. 

I will capture your wedding day as it happens. 

And I will shoot for iconic images – photos that will define your wedding and who you are as a couple. I shoot to define who you are, what you are together and something you will not forget during your, hopefully, long years of marriage. 

This isn’t about me, it’s about you. A photographer should be invisible – like a ghost. 

I am no hipster and I don’t follow wedding trends. I just capture images as they happen. If you want tossed parasols, cut-off heads, fake sun glares, photobombing mimes or clowns — whatever the current fashion dictates — please go elsewhere. 

I’m not into posing my subjects but prefer to catch the shots as they happen. I’m here to get the shot – not recreate what I missed while trying to make mannequins of my clients.

I shoot for the love of shooting. But I still have to maintain equipment and do my best to delay the day we are all replaced by iPhones. Contact me, I’m pretty reasonable. We’ll figure something out. 

I’m happy to hit the road. Most of my assignments have been out of town, from Los Angeles to New York City to Hawaii. 


Contact me for availability. I book in advance and I also take jobs on the fly.


No cheap stuff for me. I use top shelf professional Nikon gear. 


I let my images and work do the talking. I put my energy into my work, not into my marketing or schmoozing.


Yes, I do engagement shoots. And though I hate posing subjects and taking photos without people in them, I will oblige my clients with family group shots, grip-and-grins at anyone’s request and the usual range of detail shots that help tell the story of your wedding. 

I also do very comprehensive wedding books – see WriteShot.