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… and they wonder why boxing is in serious decline

Reason No. 4,589 why boxing continues to slip into obscurity: Pacquiao vs. Bradley. Not a single reporter I spoke to last night gave Bradley more than four rounds. Call me a ‘tard, but controlling the fight, landing the harder shots and staggering your opponent more than a few times, at least in my book, equates [...]


‘friendly fire’: donaire vs. montiel

Good friends don’t mean bad fights – just ask Nonito Donaire and Fernando Montiel . . . |more|


cozzone in current issue of rangefinder mag

Chris Cozzone and his company WriteShot make Rangefinder Mag. What does Manny Pacquiao and blood-and-guts boxing have to do with fluffy-ass weddings? Click on link below to check out. A Wedding is Like a Boxing Match: Both Win by Getting the WriteShot by Martha Blanchfield

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