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07 Apr

presser coverage

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“Who do ya like?”

It’s a common enough question in the fight biz, but when it comes to “Action Heroes,” I tend to take it a different way. Instead of picking winners and losers, I take the likeability angle, for there ain’t an unlikeable guy on the card. Whether you’re talking about a stand-up and sincere guy like Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero or the charisma that oozes out of James Kirkland, you can’t really lose.

Guerrero and Kirkland were the quiet ones at today’s press conference.

Michael Katsidis nearly stole the show. Looking something between the Joker and the Toxic Avenger, Katsidis was decked out Aussie style –way-Outback. Spitting out a trail of pumpkin seeds around the media room, Katsidis kept the glare of the media room’s fluorescents, the flies and everyone else away with extra-dark sunglasses, neon war paint and corks hanging down from his hat.

Looking more like a guido from “The Pope of Greenwich Village” than an action hero, Paulie Malignaggi, spit out words faster than Katsidis did seeds and proclaimed  himself, “Magic Man – Savior of Boxing,” vowing to win back from UFC the 18-35 year-olds. To do his part, he says he will talk to no one above the age of 35 all weekend, which pretty much means he will not be interviewed at all by the writers of note.

Though Marcos Maidana’s team heaped opponent Erik Morales with praise galore, it was “El Terrible” who stole the show with the closing comments. “After so many interviews, I had to question myself whether this was the right decision,” Morales told the press. “Am I the only crazy one, the only one who thinks I’m going to win? But when I’m alone at night, lying in bed, I know, I’m not wrong. I didn’t make a mistake in picking Maidana – and I’m gonna prove it on Saturday night.”