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25 Jun

report, shots, notes from the border

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A change in the weather may be in store for the sorry state of the American heavyweight picture. That, at least, is the forecast from border camp of “El Niño” . . . . |more|

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Ringside notes from El Paso, Texas:

“Is David “Nino” Rodriguez the real thing?” Quit asking me. We’re still a fight or two away from knowing. But I will tell you this: He lands that left hook on a Chris Arreola or a Seth Mitchell or a David Haye, that guy is going down. Owen Beck was a real test for the unbeaten heavyweight – and he passed with flying colors. Next up: Another name fighter who hasn’t lost four in a row. The saga continues . . . .

Quotes of the week:

Owen “What the Heck?” Beck: “He hit me and I was like “What the heck . . . ?'”

Juan Lazcano on a comeback: “I’m old enough to know better but young enough to do something about it.”

David Rodriguez: ““Who’s gonna doubt me now? I’ve shut up all the critics now. I’ve finally fought somebody – right?”