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25 Jun

report, shots, notes from the border

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A change in the weather may be in store for the sorry state of the American heavyweight picture. That, at least, is the forecast from border camp of “El Niño” . . . . |more|

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Ringside notes from El Paso, Texas:

“Is David “Nino” Rodriguez the real thing?” Quit asking me. We’re still a fight or two away from knowing. But I will tell you this: He lands that left hook on a Chris Arreola or a Seth Mitchell or a David Haye, that guy is going down. Owen Beck was a real test for the unbeaten heavyweight – and he passed with flying colors. Next up: Another name fighter who hasn’t lost four in a row. The saga continues . . . .

Quotes of the week:

Owen “What the Heck?” Beck: “He hit me and I was like “What the heck . . . ?'”

Juan Lazcano on a comeback: “I’m old enough to know better but young enough to do something about it.”

David Rodriguez: ““Who’s gonna doubt me now? I’ve shut up all the critics now. I’ve finally fought somebody – right?”

21 Jan

abie han on the rise

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There’s a thin line between humility and exaggeration. Five minutes talking with undefeated Abraham “Abie” Han, you’ll be asking yourself whether it’s better to believe this kid is the best thing to come out of El Paso since Chico’s Tacos, or if it’s better to second guess yourself that what you saw in the ring was an illusion of talent and raw power . . . Click here for more