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06 May

mayweather-cotto: closer than the cards

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather might’ve had the bigger payday, but $32M couldn’t buy rally a pro-Cotto crowd last night at the MGM Grand. Miguel Cotto might’ve lost his title, but bloodying Floyd and winning a full house that booed the decision just might entice the Powers-Dat-Be to think about another Pacquiao match-up.  Then again, Cotto did not have Justin Bieber in his corner.

02 May

mayweather, cotto laugh it off

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Anyone hoping the drama would break out at today’s sleepy presser at the MGM were in for a disappointment. Though the two faced off with steel intent, before long, Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto were smiling at one another. (Above) Earlier on, while WBC boss Jose Sulaiman droned on and on about the glory and history and respect of the green brand, Floyd stifled a yawn and stretched. (Below).

13 Mar

cotto-mayorga postfight coverage

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If there’s ever been a stare colder than the one given Ricardo Mayorga at the many pre-fight events this last week, it was the one given Antonio Margarito by Miguel Cotto at last night’s post-fight press conference.

After making Mayorga eat his words in a near-distance fight, last night at the MGM Grand, forcing the profanity-spewing Nicaraguan into, both, a 12th round and career retirement, Cotto is likely to go into a July rematch with the man who may or not have beaten him down with wraps of stone in 2008 . . . |more|

09 Mar

mayorga, cotto presser in vegas

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Notes from today’s final presser and preceding media Q&A forum with Ricardo Mayorga and Miguel Cotto:

— Yesterday, Mayorga told the media that Cotto was “half-gay.” Today, he called him a full-fledged “maricon.” What will Cotto be tomorrow?

— It’s been a while since the media’s been subjected to one of Don King’s podium-a-thons. He must be slowing down – only 45 minutes today.

— Don King called Planet Hollywood the “Plantation” by error,noting their fight card Friday night.

— Subjected to the insults and obnoxious antics by Mayorga, Cotto showed impossible poise and cool. I have the feeling payback is going to be a beeyach for the Nicaraguan.

— Forget Mayorga being a promoter’s dream – he’s really a photographer and writer’s dream. There is no end to good quotes and sick shots. But really, how many times did we have to see his somewhat washed-out washboard abs today? I felt like I was at Chippendale’s . . . No, I’ve never been there. The last strip club I hit was Billy’s Toothless in NYC.

For a slideshow of today’s images, click here.

09 Mar

cotto, mayorga arrive (re-arrive) in vegas

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Tell me that I have to shoot Miguel Cotto out of the ring and I might wince.  Shoot a guy who hardly ever smiles or drops his deadpan expression? Who wears his sunglasses indoors, keeps his headphones on and spends half the time texting someone on his Blackberry?  No thanks.

Today, at least, I was proven wrong. Cotto, sans cell, beats and sunglasses, even smiled occasionally as he made his way from the limo to the makeshift ring set up in the lobby of the MGM. Further shaking up tradition by ignoring the god-awful lion every fighter dutifully poses next to, Cotto greeted the crowd and gave TV media his attention – all the while Ricardo Mayorga tried his damndest to get a rise out of his opponent.

Mayorga and promoter Don King were quite a pair, and made quite an entrance. Predicting a fourth round stoppage of Cotto, Mayorga arrived first, then stuck around to up the drama. When Cotto had the spotlight, Mayorga stole it back by climbing up on the apron where he shadowboxed, glared, gestured and insulted Cotto – who never gave him the time of day.

For more images of today’s arrival, check out the slideshow.

06 Nov

the confidence man

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Never mind the Time magazine cover, or showing his sensitive side by belting out “Sometimes When We Touch” on TV, Manny Pacquiao, on the road to legendary pound-for-pound greatness, will hit a major road block on November 14.

At least, that’s what a calm, collective and categorically confident Miguel Cotto is saying . . . More