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05 May

fight coverage: mayweather vs. guerrero

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Not a “Ghost” of a chance with Mayweather:

Ringside by Chris Cozzone

Thirty-six-year-old Floyd “Money” Mayweather may yet grow old.

But last night was not his time to do so.

Needing just two rounds to expel the specters of rust and age, Mayweather proved the naysayers wrong, yet again, by defending his pound-for-pound crown and one of the welterweight belts with a one-sided spanking of Robert “Ghost” Guerrero. The challenger proved dreadfully ineffectual against the drearily masterful, transforming what was a hoped-for war, into something of a sparring session, which evoked sporadic waves of boos from an anxious crowd.

The fight, billed as “May Day,” became less about a billing and more of a distress signal for Team Guerrero, as the rounds progressed. Despite two rounds of effective aggression behind an eager left hand, the Gilroy southpaw mounted a charged attack. That lasted as long as it took Mayweather to perfect a flawless plan. Once that happened, faith, family, not even the firearm that got him in hot water in New York last month, was going to stick a victory in Guerrero’s pocket, Floyd’s crown upon his head and another belt around his waist . . . More

27 Apr

mayweather, mosley arrive in vegas

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4.27.2010 A big crowd (but not quite a Pacquiao crowd) at the MGM in Vegas greets Floyd “Money” Mayweather and “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Arriving on time -a rarity – Mayweather breaks record for slowest ring entrance, taking time to sign autographs for nearly every fan waving a photo, souvenir fight program or double-sided cardboard heads of Mosley-Mayweather.

Wishlist for 2010: That the MGM dumps the lion for a new mascot. Why not a wombat, spider monkey or a pterodactyl? Either that, or boxers posing next to said lion are no longer the staple for fighters’ grand arrivals.