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02 Oct

trigger-happy ‘filipino flash’ at ringside

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Bantamweight king Nonito Donaire had more in mind than just shake the rust off his Canon gear when he joined the ringside photographers to shoot the Toshiaki Nishioka vs. Rafael Marquez fight last night at the MGM in Las Vegas. After Donaire defends his two bantam belts against Omar Narvaez, Oct. 22 in New York City, he is more than likely moving up to super bantam to face last night’s winner.  During the fight, Donaire barely contained himself to just shooting the fight. “I can’t wait to get in there and fight,” he exclaimed more than a few times during the action-packed 12 rounds

11 Aug

bantam battle for throne

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Photo: Joseph “King Kong” Agbeko says Abner Mares will still have a future and a chance to be a bantamweight champion  . . . when he recovers from the loss he will give him Saturday night on Showtime’s finale to their bantam tourney. The tourney will reveal the top champ at 118 pounds . . . or the No. 1 to bantam king Nonito Donaire, who was not part of the tourney.

23 Feb

acosta, rios work out in vegas

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Alright, so when a promoter calls the media in to watch a “workout,” it doesn’t mean a fighter is actually going to work out. In fact, you’ll be lucky to get someone shadowbox a round. And that’s exactly what Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios did today. In his schoolboy sweater, he obliged the press to shadowbox a measly round, then spent the remaining time, goofing off.

That is, until Miguel Acosta showed up. Once someone made the suggestion to pose the two together, Rios was splitsville.

Acosta, on the hand, cranked up the South American beats and shadowboxed half a dozen rounds, giving the media at least a clue on how his movement is going to mystify Rios on Saturday.

Undercard fighters Mike Lee and Jesse Magdaleno also gave the media plenty of photo ops. Lee shadowboxed and Magdaleno was the only fighter of the day who dared hit the mitts.

The bonus of the day was newly-crowned bantam king Nonito Donaire, who showed up to goof off with stablemate Rios, and talk about his knockout of Fernando Montiel last weekend on the Top Rank bill at Mandalay Bay. “I still don’t know he was able to get up,” Donaire said of Montiel.


20 Feb

postfight coverage from vegas

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The heir appears Donaire: The punch that knocked out Vic Darchinyan in 2007, launching Nonito Donaire into stardom might’ve been “pretty sweet,” according to the “Filipino Flash.” But the shot that leveled Mexican legend Fernando Montiel, last night at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, crowning Donaire king of bantamweights and launching the Filipino on the path to super-stardom? “Now that punch,” says Donaire, “had to be the No. 1 punch of my career.” . . . |more|

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Arum: ‘Take the Philly Challenge!’ : “Fight real fighters – not busboys!” Not quite as vicious as Nonito Donaire’s kayo punch of Fernando Montiel, but certainly as relentless as Jesus Soto-Karass was against Mike Jones last night was Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, who let loose with a volley of barbs on Golden Boy, Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto . . . |more|

18 Feb

montiel, donaire weigh in

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“It starts at 3.” “No, it’s at 4.” “We’re gonna start any minute.” “No, they have to do physicals – it won’t be until four, earliest.” “We’re starting right now.”

That’s what press row was hearing,before Fernando Montiel stepped on the scales to weigh in at 118 at around 3:15 p.m. today. A half-hour earlier, Nonito Donaire had tipped the beam one pound over the 118-pound limit – unofficially. When he got back on, at 3:18 or so, he was right on target, at 118. That was the extent of the drama, at least in the main event.

In the co-main, Jesus Soto-Karass and Mike Jones, 147 and 146, respectively, had a testy moment while they posed off for photographers, exchanging fists under one another’s fists. The rest of the stop-and-go weigh-in went off without an ounce of drama. For more photos, click here.

10 Jan

montiel-donaire promises fireworks

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With all the mention of “fireworks,” you would’ve thought today’s presser at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was announcing an upcoming fight set for the 4th of July. Both fighters, their respective trainers and the promoter all used the word, and used it freely . . . |more|

14 Feb

donaire spanks chango

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If you blinked, you might’ve missed the shot that 115-pound lord of the ring Nonito Donaire used to send his hobbit-sized foe to the canvas for the ten-count.

If you blinked during Fernando Montiel’s WBO bantam title gain, you might’ve missed the fight altogether . . . |more|

03 Feb

donaire trains

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Nonito Donaire trains at the Top Rank Gym Feb. 3, in preparation for his upcoming showdown with Mexican contender Gerson Guerrero, Feb. 13 at the Hilton in Las Vegas.