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06 Jun

pacquiao, bradley final presser

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The usual . . . short speeches by the usual suspects. Thank God for Timothy Bradley, who woke up those in attendance by bringing out oversized tickets touting a November rematch between him and Pacquiao – billed, of course, as “Bradley vs. Pacquiao.” For more shots . . . . |more|

05 Jun

pacquiao, bradley arrive in vegas

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Yes, it was still a media circus. But no, there wasn’t the usual horde of fans you see at a typical Manny Pacquiao arrival.  Might not mean a thing for, as the week goes on, the events leading up to Saturday night’s Pacquiao-Bradley fight at the MGM will get increasingly crazier.

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03 May

pacman, mosley arrive in vegas

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I’m pretty sure there were four “Sugar” Shane Mosley fans in the horde of half a thousand fans who packed the main lobby at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Actually, I’m positive there were four, because I counted ’em. The rest? Manic Manny Pacquiao fans.  Call me spoiled, but since Ricardo Mayorga gave the so-called grand arrivals a departure from the norm, by stalking and glaring at Miguel Cotto, it’s been tough to shoot ’em.

Is it my imagination or does Manny Pacquiao have really long fingers?

13 Feb

FANtasy match-up in vegas

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Funny how things change.

When the fight between Manny Pacquiao and “Sugar” Shane Mosley was announced, most media folk groaned. Mosley – who’d drawn with (another groan) Sergio Mora and lost to Floyd Mayweather, last year, was getting a shot at the No. 1 fighter in the world?

The fans didn’t seem to care. Neither did Top Rank. It certainly didn’t effect tickets, which sold out like a UFC event. After the landmark switch from HBO to Showtime and the added bonus of primetime network coverage on CBS was announced, the grumbling in the trenches came to a halt . . . |more|