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pacquiao, bradley final presser

The usual . . . short speeches by the usual suspects. Thank God for Timothy Bradley, who woke up those in attendance by bringing out oversized tickets touting a November rematch between him and Pacquiao – billed, of course, as “Bradley vs. Pacquiao.” For more shots . . . . |more|


vazquez, arce heat up presser

“I only know one thing and that I am going to win by knockout.” . . . |more|


mayorga, cotto presser in vegas

Notes from today’s final presser and preceding media Q&A forum with Ricardo Mayorga and Miguel Cotto: – Yesterday, Mayorga told the media that Cotto was “half-gay.” Today, he called him a full-fledged “maricon.” What will Cotto be tomorrow? – It’s been a while since the media’s been subjected to one of Don King’s podium-a-thons. He [...]

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