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03 May

pacman, mosley arrive in vegas

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I’m pretty sure there were four “Sugar” Shane Mosley fans in the horde of half a thousand fans who packed the main lobby at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Actually, I’m positive there were four, because I counted ’em. The rest? Manic Manny Pacquiao fans.  Call me spoiled, but since Ricardo Mayorga gave the so-called grand arrivals a departure from the norm, by stalking and glaring at Miguel Cotto, it’s been tough to shoot ’em.

Is it my imagination or does Manny Pacquiao have really long fingers?

30 Apr

mayweather, mosley weigh in at mgm

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4.30.2010, MGM in Las Vegas: Floyd Mayweather was 147, Mosley was 146. The crowd, having lined up as early as 10 a.m., favored (slightly) Mosley. No shoving, a standard staredown and nothing out of the ordinary between the camps or fighters.  The man of the hour was ring announcer Michael Buffer, who carried host, “comedian” George Wallace through the event.

28 Apr

“who r u picking?”

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4.29.2010: Unless you were talking about barbs sent back and forth from Floyd Mayweather, Sr. and Cassius Green (a.k.a. “Captain Crunch”), there was no trash talking at the final press conference for “Who R U Picking?”, today at the MGM in Las Vegas. R-E-S-P-E-C-T was the word of the day as, both, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and “Sugar” Shane Mosley praised one another, and promised an historic fight on Saturday.
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More photos from yesterday’s final presser